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Jeff Deemie is an accomplished landscape photographer whose work has been collected by the New Mexico Museum of Art, the Harwood Museum of Art (Taos) and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.  His work explores the human footprint on nature and the impact of nature on our modern lives.  Recent contemporary photography work includes American Beach PortfolioWest Texas & Southeastern New Mexico Project, North of I-40 Project, Bears Ears National Monument Portfolio, Hurricane Ike - An Imperfect Storm.

The American Beach is ingrained in the American consciousness and evokes memories, emotions and symbolism of who we are as a country.  Beaches deserted 8 months of the year transform into major centers of population and socializing that help define the American experience. To translate his vision onto the canvas, Jeff utilizes long exposures to isolate the crowd and impart a surreal quality to the scene. And, to provide his viewers a sense of place, he strives for a "large canvas" viewpoint. This is an ongoing project for him and he expects it to continue to evolve. 

His West Texas & Southeastern New Mexico Project explores the industrialized landscape of the Permian Basin.  This portfolio emerged as the result of several overlapping photographic projects across many years. When he first visited this area many years ago, he photographed the pristine white sands and the scenic mountains of New Mexico and Texas.  And he worked with the traditional natural landscape.  Now he's seeing this area in a more reflective light.  Rather than turning away from the industrialized landscape, he embraces the entire scene. 

Jeff's newest portfolio spans from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Bears Ears National Monument in Utah. This is actually two portfolios, even if it's geographically one continuous area. The North of I-40 Portfolio documents the Northern New Mexico landscape and seeks to bridge ingrained past visions of this land with the reality of the present. Some of my favorite images in this portfolio are panoramics that really highlight the sweeping vistas and the reality of its inhabitants. (At this time I’m not showing the panoramics on the website.)

The Bears Ears National Monument Portfolio explores America's newest National Monument, including the issues and beauty surrounding this preserve. As soon as it was announced in December 2016, Bears Ears found itself immediately fighting for its place in our society. The Cedar Mesa area of Bears Ears is Red Rock Canyon Country at its finest, with the highlight being the highest concentration of Indian Ruins in the Country. The Northern area of Bears Ears protects overlooks for Canyonlands National Park. As Canyonlands is one of the crown-jewels of the National Parks - this protection is essential to preserve its sublime views.

His Hurricane Ike images explores nature's impact on Texas beachfront communities and provides a witness to the storm.  Hurricane Ike is the 4th most destructive hurricane in US history (through 2016), but because it occurred between Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy it struggles to be remembered.  With the issue of global warming and the expectation of more powerful hurricanes to come, nature's most powerful storms are worth remembering.

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